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 New Help options will soon be available for 2015 !!!!

This is our newly added section where we will be adding support for many of our clients out there in the World.


Send your questions to our email address and we will publish your questions and answers here.


Q: Slow internet not sure why?

A: Do test first using Internet Speed Test this gives you a rating of your

ping,your download and Upload figures.

Ping 51ms(Milli seconds) Download 24 MBps  &1MBps Upload.

Ping is how long it takes to send a packet of data to the Server you are testing against, same with download how fast it can be downloaded & uploaded.  

Q: Internet Explorer 12 keeps Crashing?

Internet Explorer 9 seems to pickup Addons little packs of software to so call make some things work like Adobe Flash Player on Youtube. Run this Reset Browser Addon and should reset all the default settings or Addon Reset.


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